Your Choice For Pure Edible Cooking Oil

Our company is a commercial supplier of fryer cooking oils that offers a unique system of product management as well as superior products. Unlike traditional methods of storing, using, and disposing of cooking oil, this Edible Oil delivery system is an innovative system that offers a turnkey solution that is safer with less waste, better taste, and no mess.

Nearly every restaurant, from the independent restaurant owner to the large commercial customer, has and uses one or more deep fryers. Anyone who has ever been around such an environment knows there are many issues and potential problems that are inherent with the use of these fryers. As food quality and taste is always paramount, the management of oil and its budget is significant to every establishment.

Potential issues with their current system using and dealing with oil and its overhead traditionally include:
The process of changing fryer oil is unsafe, messy and time consuming

Potential for burns and other injuries from simply handling and moving both fresh and waste oil Spillage, lifting and safety concerns (slipping, etc.)

There is a large outside waste bin receptacle to store used oil. The receptacles are unsightly, attract rodents and insects Large amounts of plastic and cardboard from the plastic jibs discarded (thrown away) into the environment Each establishment pays to dispose of plastic and cardboard waste

Waste oil sits on the restaurant property for long periods of time Fryer oil is expensive and maintenance of equipment high

Our Edible Oil system is the solution. This unique system addresses all the problems that arise from the use of fryer oil as well as provide solutions to lower the overall money spent on oil. It is a one of a kind system to deliver fresh oil and dispose of used oil.

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