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Pure Edible Oils is a privately and locally owned company which has been serving the community with many years of experience in fresh fryer oil delivery and used cooking oil disposal. Co-founded by Dulce Martinez, Adam Ittenbach, and Howard Murray with combined experiences of over 50 years within the oil industry.

Our company is a commercial supplier of fryer cooking oils that offers a unique system of product management, as well as superior products. Unlike traditional methods of storing, using, and disposing of used cooking oil, this Edible Oils delivery system is an innovative system that offers a turnkey solution that is safer with less waste, better taste, and no mess.

100% Unique System

This Edible Oils system is unique in all ways. It is the only one that has this delivery method for fresh fryer cooking oil and take-away service for used cooking oil. Our unique system allows us to service small users of fryer oil with jibs and less costly bulk style systems that are designed for heavy users of fryer oil. This free system helps reduce spills and slip injuries and also reducing the potential for burn injuries to your staff especially during top offs. This set up also has a very positive impact to the environment. We completely eliminate all the wasteful plastic jibs and cardboard going into the environment that you pay to dispose of.

Tired of that nasty waste bin out back? That, too, is eliminated. Our easy to maneuver portable used cooking oil container allows you to conveniently dispose of your used oil at the fryer.

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