Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cooking oil does your company supply in bulk?

Our company provides a variety of edible cooking oils to fit any need or budget. The majority of our clients purchase canola oil and soybean oil. We source other types of cooking oil like sunflower, avocado, etc. based on client needs.

How much do you charge for your fresh vegetable oil?

Cooking oil prices depend on a variety of factors and market conditions. Cooking oil prices vary by type but are also affected most by market condition and the volume of cooking oil being purchased. We work with our clients to find a cooking oil and price that meets their needs.

Our company offers our clients SmartLock pricing. We invest heavily in cooking oil futures, allowing us to lock in lower pricing and pass the savings on to our clients.

Can I get reimbursed or get credits for my used cooking oil?

Absolutely! We offer our clients compensation for used cooking oil. Pricing can vary based on market conditions and volume. We recycle waste cooking oil into Biofuel.

Do I have to sign any long term contracts?

For the most part we don’t require our clients to sign a contract. We are a service based company and feel that our work and customer service are what keep our clients coming back to us. That said for large contracts like food manufacturing we do ask that our clients sign a contract in order for our company to be comfortable making such large purchases.

What does your process for delivery look like?

Our team of professionals sits down with each and every client in order to accurately determine the amount of cooking oil needed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We then set up a delivery schedule, so our clients never have to worry about placing an order or running out of fresh cooking oil.
At the time of delivery, we haul away your used cooking oil and provide fresh and clean containers for future use.

Our delivery processes uses weight scales when filling up fresh cooking oil containers, so you only pay for the vegetable cooking oil you use. This means zero waste and accurate pricing.

Are there any hidden costs or costs to use your equipment?

No! Our food grade drums and used cooking oil drums are delivered at no cost to you. Additionally, our fresh cooking oil drums come with both electric pumps and wheels making it easy to move around your kitchen and refill your fryers.

What’s your corporate sustainability program?

Our process of sustainability is simple but effective. We use delivery methods that reduce road emissions, eliminate landfill waste and create opportunity for biofuel creation all while lowering operational costs. Our processes create opportunities for organizations seeking sustainability opportunities achieve their goals, reducing their carbon footprint.