Our Services

We offer our system free to all of our customers. Our goal is to lower kitchen oil budgets while providing you with hands-on service. Our system has been servicing its community for 20 years and we have become the professionals in fryer cooking oil.

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Our Edible Oils system is the solution.

Our service includes on-site delivery of fresh fryer cooking oil and pickup of used cooking oil, compared to the traditional way of ordering oil from a food distributor and keeping inventory and reordering when needed.  We take care of the inventory for you. Precise weights and measures are provided to allow the establishment to track usage and plan for your ongoing needs.  You only pay for fresh fryer cooking oil that is dispensed and get credit for fresh fryer cooking oil left in the drum. Our company will also keep each location with the appropriate amount of product, which means you will no longer need to order oil.


Includes on-site delivery and pickup of new and used product.


Only pay for the oil that is used and get credit for unused oil.


No longer need to order oil.

Food Grade Recyclable Drums

Our fresh fryer cooking oil is delivered in recyclable food grade drums that are on wheels for easy moving. Each are equipped with our dispensing method that allows for minimum effort to deliver fresh oil into the fryer. Our drums have an easy to use electric pump option making it much faster and safer for employees. When using our system, the employees no longer have to manually pour oil into a fryer (sometimes full of hot oil, needing to add more) from a plastic jib.

Custom Used Cooking Oil Containers

Our custom used cooking oil containers allow for the disposal of the used cooking oil indoors. Our system design eliminates the need for employees to lift or transport it outside. Our containers are also on wheels, making them versatile and easy to move and store.  This container also has a screw off top opening to allow customers to pump used cooking oil directly into the sealed container with the use of a filter machine as a means of pulling the oil out of the fryer and into the used cooking oil container.

Problem and Issues Prevention

Our established solutions have proven a vast reduction in spillage, injuries from lifting equipment, slips, falls and burns, and the physical requirements needed to manage the oil.

Specialized Customer Service

The Pure Edible Oils team works with each customer to match the right oil with the style of frying conducted. This ensures better flavor for the customer’s food and longer oil life in the fryer. This approach also has a positive impact on the customer’s budget.

No Charge for Equipment / No Long Term Contracts

The Pure Edible Oils team maintains all the equipment and provides it to its customer at no charge. Our company does not require our customers to sign long-term contracts. The end user will not see any additional charges for using our system, just the benefits from using it.