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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safer and cleaner work environment while providing quality oils for cooking. We have also created our own, one of a kind, system to deliver fresh oil and dispose of used oil. This system leaves zero environmental wastes, helps reduce the risk of injuries to your employees and helps create a cleaner work area. 
You don't have to sacrifice quality to save money.

Safer, Cleaner, Environmentally Friendly

Welcome to Pure Edible Oils

Welcome to something different.

It’s time to go away from the plastic jibs and unsightly waste oil container out back. Let us introduce you to a safer, cleaner and environmentally friendlier way to service fresh frying oil to your kitchens and dispose of waste oil.

Be a part of the change in this stagnate industry. No obligation, no contracts, a better system with no equipment costs, and a better oil that your neighbors have already switched to with a positive impact to your bottom line.

We offer true value and there is nothing to lose so why not give us a try.

Call, text or email us today: 317.966.0288  info@pureedibleoils.com to schedule a free no-obligation test of our oil to see the difference first hand!

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Pure Edible Oils - The Science

The Science

Learn more about our process, the science involved and why our way of oil delivery and distribution is cleaner and safer and can save you money.

Pure Edible Oils - Our Process

Our Process

Our services to all our vendors are top quality. We take great strides in making sure that your Chef’s Choice Canola Oil gets delivered to you without any problems and put our best foot forward in servicing you.

Pure Edible Oils - Contact Us

Contact Us

Start today by moving your cooking oil process to cleaner, cost effective and environmentally safe solution.  Call us at:  or Email us at info@pureedibleoils.com or fill out our online form to get started.

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