5 Reasons Why It’s Good Practice To Regularly Deep Clean Your Deep Fryer.

Maintaining a clean kitchen is always good practice, every more important among commercial kitchens. Whether it’s a flat top grill, counter tops, deep fryers, refrigerators or floors, a clean commercial kitchen mitigates food contamination and helps maintain food quality. In this article we are going to be discussing the 5 reasons to regularly deep clean your commercial kitchen’s deep fryers and how doing so will save you time and money. But Fist, a little about Pure Edible Oils and our process of Deep Fryer Cleaning and Cooking Oil Filtration Services. 

At Pure Edible Oils is the Midwest’s premier provider of bulk cooking oil. From bulk cooking delivery and waste cooking oil collection and recycling to deep fryer cleaning and cooking oil filtration. For more than 20 years our company proudly services commercial kitchens across Indiana and Ohio. 

Our process of deep cleaning deep fryers and cooking oil filtration is simple. Trained professionals used advanced vacuum-based filtration to deep clean deep fryers. Our micro filtration methods filter out unwanted carbon fibers and other particulate matter that degrade the quality over time. Regular deep fryer cleaning and filtration typically extends the useful life of your cooking oil, making it last twice as long as unfiltered cooking oil while extending the life of your equipment. 

There are five reasons why regularly servicing and deep cleaning your deep fryers is a good idea and they include reducing costs, maintaining food quality, mitigating food contamination, providing a safe working environment and extending the life of your equipment. 

Reducing Costs

It’s no secret that the cost of cooking oil is on the rise. Market fluctuations relative to cooking oil price make it ever more difficult to forecast inventory costs. Being able to reuse filtered cooking can cut your oil costs in half. Our filtration process heats up cooking oil up to 350 degrees and pumps is through specialized micro filters. Once fryer equipment has been cleaned, filtered oil is then put back into fryer tubs. Once cooking oil has reached its useful life, our team will replace the oil with fresh cooking oil. 

Maintaining Food Quality

Regularly filtering and changing cooking oil helps maintain consistent food Quality, so your food tastes the way it should and not what it was cooked in. Micro carbon fibers and particulate matter from previous cooks, over time, can produce a “dirty cook,” and affect the over taste of foods being fried. 

Mitigate Food Contamination

A clean kitchen helps mitigate food contamination. This effort should extend beyond counter tops, floors and cooking utensils and include flat top grills, ventilation hoods and deep fryers. Proper cleaning of fryer baskets, tubs and heating elements is important as is monitoring oil quality over time. Out team of trained professionals will monitor cooking oil quality over time and make recommendations for filtering or complete change out when necessary. 

Provide A Save WorkInd Environment 

Proper deep fryer cleaning is a simple process but can be dangerous if not done properly. To property clean a deep fryer, used cooking oil must be completely removed. Fry baskets, heating elements and tubs must be manually cleaned with specially formulate cleaners to ensure against bacterial growth and other contaminants that can be harmful. 

Working with hot oil can be dangerous and time consuming. If not trained properly injuries can occur. ER’s across the United States see thousands of burn victims each year as a result of unsafe handling of hot cooking oil.

Eliminate the burden of fryer upkeep and let your employees get back to what’s really important to your business. 

Making Equipment Last Longer

Little problems can become bigger and more costly problems if not monitored by a trained deep fryer professional. Regularly deep cleaning your deep fryer and maintaining your equipment will make your deep fryer last longer and reduce unnecessary equipment costs.