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Pure Edible Oils Is A Leading Supplier Of Quality Fry Cooking Oil

Total Cooking Oil Solutions

Pure Edible Oil’s is one of the Midwest’s premier and most trusted suppliers of quality cooking oil. From bulk cooking oil delivery, used cooking oil disposal and recycling, our total cooking oil solution will improve the way you manage your kitchen and your bottom line.

Our company delivers a variety of quality cooking oils used for deep frying, cooking and food manufacturing. We work with restaurants and business of all sizes. Many of our clients have multiple locations like grocery stores, fast casual and fine dinning establishments, resorts and casinos, higher education and both commercial and non-commercial food preparation.

Save Time, Reduce Costs, And Improve Kitchen Efficiency and Staff Safety

Our total cooking cooking oil solution is designed to fit the unique needs of your business. Customized delivery schedules ensures you never run out of quality cooking oil. With each delivery we top off your fresh oil drums, and using specialized scales to determine oil consumption, you only pay for the cooking oil you have used. 

Traditional methods of lugging around jugs of oil off the back of a truck and finding space in your kitchen is time consuming, inefficient, messy and unsafe. It’s time to rethink your process of buying, using and disposing of your fry cooking oil.

Proudly Delivering Quality Fry Cooking Oil To Kitchens Across The Midwest For More Than 20 Years

With our total cooking oil management system, we deliver fresh fry cooking oil in 30 gallon food grad drums equipped with recessed solid steel casters making transporting fast and easy. Our barrels of cooking oil come with electric pumps so filling your fryers is fast, easy and clean. No spills means no more slips and falls improving kitchen safety for your staff. 

Additionally we supply each of our customers with sealed steel drums for use when disposing of used cooking oil. Special sealed caps ensure no leaks will occur. With each visit, we top off your fresh oil drums and replace your used oil drums so you can keep on cooking. At Pure Edible Oils we take great pride in delivering quality fry cooking oil at competitive prices with exceptional customer service. 

Why Is It Better To Work With Pure Edible Oils?
  •      Automate delivery and disposal of fry cooking oil.
  •      We provide 30 gallon food grade drums of fresh fry cooking oil to ensure you never run out of quality fry cooking oil. It’s time to ditch the jug and free up kitchen space.
  •      Improve employee retention by lessening some of the manual burdens associated filling and emptying deep fryers using five gallon jugs. Our 30 gallon drums are equipped with electric pumps, making filling and emptying faster, easier and cleaner. That means fewer trips and less interruption of your kitchen.
  •      Improve kitchen efficiency and staff safety. Our easy pumping system eliminates waste and spills preventing slips and falls.
  •      Lower your carbon footprint by recycling your used fry cooking oil. Used fryer oil can be recycled to make biofuels which in turn support a healthier planet. 

Pure Edible Oils is the solution you have been looking for

Our team of professionals have been servicing kitchens, from casino’s and hotels to single restaurant locations, for more than 20 years. Our extensive knowledge of the commercial food preparation industry combined with our passion for customer service excellence drives every aspect of our company. At Pure Edible Oils it’s all about quality fry cooking oil, delivery and superior customer service. Call Us Today at (317) 966-0288 or email us to get started a safer, cleaner and environmentally cooking oil solution! 

Our on-site delivery services bring fresh cooking to your door. Never worry about running out of oil again. Our full service operation rivals traditional methods of ordering cooking oil from distributors, keeping track of inventory and finding space for old fashioned cooking oil jugs.

We work closely with out clients and set up a regular delivery schedule to ensure they never have to worry about running out of quality cooking oil. Inventory management has never been easier. No more ordering! We keep each of your locations stocked with fresh cooking oil, only pay for the oil you use.

Our system employs precise weights and measures making it easier to track usage over time and ensures you never run out of fresh cooking oil.