Proudly Providing Our Customers With Fryer Cleaning Services

Outsource your fryer cleaning and management today. Prue Edible Oils is proud to offer professional deep fryer cleaning and filtration serves to our clients. Let trained cleaning professionals help you reduce costs, improve kitchen safety, maintain food quality and safety all while providing a safer working environment for your staff. 

Used Fryer Oil That Needs To Be Filtered And Deep Cleaned

Our process is simple. Our team works with our clients, assessing demand and developing a service schedule that best fits your business’ needs.

Our unique solution provides cooking oil filtration and fryer deep cleaning. Using micro filtration methods, our professionals heat and filter used cooking oil. This process removes micro carbons and other particulate matter the degrade the quality of the oil.

While the process of filtration is occurring, out team is busy deep cleaning your fryers using a vacuum-based filtration system. Once cooking oil filtration and fryer equipment cleaning are complete we refill your fryers with the filtered cooking oil. This process helps improve food safety and maintain consistent food quality. Filtration typically extends the useful life of your cooking, making it last twice as long as unfiltered cooking oil.

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Benefits Of Deep Fryer Cleaning

The benefits of our services include reduced product costs. This is especially important give erratic and rising cooking oil prices. 

Deep cleaning fryers helps mitigate food contamination while allowing cooks to maintain consistent food quality.

Improved kitchen safety. Using employees rather than trained professionals is a recipe for disaster. This increases the likelihood of injury due to burns, spills, slips and falls.

Eliminate the burden of fryer upkeep and let your employees get back to what’s really important to your business.